About Us

About Us 843LetsDrive

We are a full service driving school, providing Student Driver Training, Private Lessons, Third Party Road Test, Defensive Driver Courses, 4 Point Reduction Classes and Fleet Training.

Our goal is to ensure that each student is a safe, effective, defensive driver. That they are truly ready to drive in the real world and ever changing environment in which we live. It is not enough to just know HOW to drive a vehicle. You MUST know how to be a defensive driver who is aware of all the risk on the roads that you travel.

This is why from the very first day we opened our doors, we have always offered 2 extra hours of "Behind the Wheel" (BTW) training at no extra cost for students that purchase a package. So when they complete their 6 hours of BTW training, if they are still not ready to test, we will provide them with that extra lesson at no cost!

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